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Warranty 3 Years | Art | Contemporary | Sport

Thank you for choosing Sigma photographic equipment, a brand built upon core values that have the customer at heart. We pride ourselves on consistently providing superior quality, premier service and unparalleled value. We believe in our precise manufacturing techniques, state-of-the-art technology and the products that result so much that we offer the added benefit of a 3 year local warranty in South Africa. Completing the simple product registration form below will ensure that your warranty is in effect.

When you complete the online product registration below, you will:

  • Enjoy complete protection The 3 year local warranty period begins on the day the Sigma product was purchased from an Authorized Dealer in South Africa. Details regarding the warranty for a specific product can be found on the warranty policy included with the product. The proof of purchase and warranty card should be kept as they will both be needed when submitting the product for a warranty service.
  • Safeguard your investment Theft or loss can be safeguarded against by officially registering your newly purchased Sigma photographic equipment for insurance purposes.
  • Be kept in the loop All customers who register their Sigma product purchased via an Authorized Dealer is given the option to opt-in to the Sigma e-newsletter. They are the first to know about technical developments, exciting new products, great added value on offer and upcoming events.
  • Enjoy complete confidence Be completely assured knowing that Sigma has the utmost confidence in our products and will go to great lengths to ensure the customer’s peace of mind.

Online Warranty Registration Form

    It should be noted that only Sigma products purchased from an Authorised Dealer in South Africa will have a valid warranty. The proof of purchase is a necessary part of the sign up process and should be kept in a safe place as it is also needed when making a warranty claim.

    *Additional Sigma Warranty Terms & Conditions

    The following situations will VOID the warranty:

    • Sigma products that have been serviced or damaged by an unofficial/unauthorized person or business.
    • Sigma products where the serial number has been altered or removed.
    • Malfunction or damage that was caused by something other than defective parts or workmanship.
    • Damage caused by any action deemed beyond normal use of the Sigma photographic equipment.

    For more details or information please feel free to contact the Sigma team, our goal is always to provide an exceptional level of service and support to all our customers.