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Thank you for purchasing Sigma photographic equipment. We are confident that your product will serve you exceptionally well for years to come and urge you to only use authorized dealers and service centres when it comes to buying, servicing or repairing your Sigma product. Our teams of dedicated professionals will do whatever we can to make sure that the Sigma camera and lense repair and service you receive is of the highest calibre possible.

Authorized Sigma Service & Repair Centre in South Africa

Tudortech Pty (Ltd) – Cape Town Service Centre
4th Floor, Park on Long
66 Long Street
Cape Town

Tel: 021 424 2978
Fax: 021 422 1534
Email: sigmaservice@tudortech.co.za

Tudortech (Pty) Ltd – Johannesburg Office*
Wedgefield Office Park, Building 1A, Ground Floor
17 Muswell Road

Tel: 011 803 2226
Fax: 011 463 8547
Email: sigmaservice@tudortech.co.za
*Office is only a drop off point for products being sent to Cape Town.

Sending Your Sigma Product to us for Service or Repair

Products both under and outside warranty can be sent to the service centre. Please make sure that all details are clearly legible on the parcel with a duplicate inside the parcel as well. Your name, address, information about the item being sent (i.e. the serial number and fault details) and all your contact details should all be included.

Store Drop-Off

To arrange a repair which is still within its warranty period, you may take your Sigma photographic equipment into the store where you purchased it from. At the store, the staff will arrange to have your equipment sent to the Tudortech Repairs Team for assessment.

If you are unable to get to a store you can also drop off or send your equipment directly to the Tudortech repair centre in Cape Town or the Johannesburg office.

Direct to Service Centre

If you need to send your equipment directly, you should print the Repair/Service Form and complete it neatly, making sure your return street address and contact details are all clearly legible. The Warranty Card and a copy of the Proof of Purchase should be included if submitting the product for a warranty service.

For products outside warranty, we will happily provide customers with a free quotation. It is highly recommended that you insure and track your parcel as Sigma South Africa cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurred in transit.

Shipping your Equipment

Please pack equipment carefully so as not to damage it during shipment. Make sure to use a large enough box so that there is enough room to firmly insert packing material around the equipment. Shake the box gently to make sure the equipment is not loose in the box.

Courier Services are offered by the Post Office “Speed Services”. If used, please indicate “to the door delivery” and not “counter”. DHL and a few other professional courier services can also be used. Tudortech will ensure your equipment is safely back in your hands once repaired.

The Repair Process

Inquiries on repairs are referenced against products’ serial numbers. Please ensure that you have a record of the serial number ready for reference when contacting us for feedback on repairs.

In-warranty products

If your equipment is still inside the guarantee period you will not be charged for the repair. Please make sure that a copy of the proof of purchase is included with your in-warranty product sent to us.

Out of warranty products

If the team believes that your equipment can be repaired they contact you with a quote for the projected work necessary. You may then advise regarding whether or not you would like us to proceed with the repair. There may be extra costs added if further defective parts are found during the repair process but you will be kept informed and notified of any additional costs incurred.

If it is decided that the equipment is not to be repaired, there will be an evaluation fee of R 200.00 charged, plus the cost of return courier. For equipment older than 6 years, parts may not be available. Please contact us to inquire before sending your equipment.

How long will the repair process take?

The time taken to complete a repair can vary dependent upon the exact nature of the repair required. Each item is inspected on a case-by-case basis, and any repair needed is carried out by one or more of our highly-specialised technicians. Some repairs do require more time as the work involved can be very intricate. This would especially apply to repairs involving extensive focal testing, barrel replacements or fungus removal. These types of repairs can take up to 2 weeks to be completed. A simpler, more straightforward repair can be completed within 3 days from the time the quote is accepted.

We strive to ensure every repair is carried out to the highest quality standard and always aim for precision.

Sigma South Africa Service Policies


All new Sigma products purchased from an Authorized Dealer in the Republic of South Africa are warrantied for defective parts, manufacturing and workmanship. By registering the product via the Sigma SA website, customers can enjoy an extended 3 year local warranty in South Africa. For specifics, refer to the Product Registration page and the Warranty Card included with your Sigma product.

Complimentary Updates

Modern technology is constantly changing and evolving. We will occasionally, at our discretion, offer complimentary software updates to the original purchaser of the Sigma photographic equipment. These software updates are not considered to be warranty repairs but rather a courtesy.

Impact Damage

While the Sigma team of professionals will do their best to do everything possible to repair Sigma products that have been damaged as a result of impact, liquid or other actions outside of normal usage, we cannot guarantee that the product will function as it did before it was damaged. We can guarantee that the absolute best techniques and most precise methods are used during the repair process in the attempt to restore full functionality to the photographic equipment.

AF Data Adjustment

When Sigma lenses are manufactured, we set each lens to a neutral focus point and it might be necessary to have it adjusted to suit your personal camera. As this problem has become more and more prevalent, companies have started to feature a Micro Focus Adjustment function on their digital cameras. If you have this feature and you are able to use it to sync your camera and lens combination then there is no need to send your Sigma lens in to us for adjustment.

Contact us for Sigma Service Repair Information

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